"Taab Yînga"

From the top

More about the centre :

In our centre, there are two major areas :

(1) the place where some 25 kids stay, day and night (except of course for school going, or skills learning)

(2) and the skills learning place.

Between the two areas, we have a building for administration and offices to welcome visitors, or the families of the kids.

One part of the dormitories

Toilettes and Showers

Learning how to read and writee

The big room for the team in charge of the centre

Workshops :

The skills that are taught in the centre :


Some shelves made by the welding workshop

One of the few girls we have, learning sewing

This young man is fascinated by the big motorbike…

Other activities :

Painting :
The walls…..
Or painting cloth to make cards for sale

We observe the kids and get to know them better ; little by little they come to trust us more and we can try to contact their families, if they are willing to start thinking about a trip home….

" batik " Workshop