"Taab Yînga"

Visiting the families

The picture on the right : the woman sitting on the ground is the mother of 3 pairs of twins. According to tradition, she must beg, but the kids starve, and go to the streets. One of them came to our place… we helped the mother : she now prepares food to sell, gets some extra money, and can also feed her children.

The woman sitting in front is the mother of Mousa who wears a pink shirt. He left the village when he was 7 and came back when he was 17… He did not recognize his mother.
The reason he left : after his father died, his mother was married to his father's brother. This man was blind and was begging in front of the mosk… Mousa ran away…

Karim sitting with his father and our main educator
Karim tried to learn sewing without success. He is now earning some money carrying stones with a cart and donkey