Historical Articles and books about our Society

History Series

The History Series provides a regular publication of individual studies on one or other event, person or area of our history

2002 First General Chapters
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2003 Bishop Forbes 1st canadian White Father
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2004 St Anne's
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2004 : Nos Archives (For reseachers)

2005 : Père Louis Jamet
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2007 : Languages
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2007 : Bishop Van Sambeek
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From Chapter to Chapter Volume II
From the 13th to the 17th General Chapter
Jean-Claude Ceillier

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2012 : Cardinal Charles Lavigerie
and the Anti-slavery Campaign
Documents prepared by
Jean Claude Ceillier and François Richard

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2013 : Leo Volker
Architect of aggiornamento 1957 - 1967

Aylward Shorter M.Afr.

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2013 : Julien Papillon
1931 - 2002

Richard Dandenault - Michel Carbonneau

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2014 : Diary of Father Voillard's journey
in Central Africa to visit the Missions
Edited by Fr. François Richard
Translated by Fr. Aylward Shorter

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2015 : Henri Marchal
An Apostolic Approach
th the Algerian World

Gérard Demeerseman M.Afr

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2016 : Cardinal Lavigerie
Volume I (1857-1874)

Collected texts presented by
Jean-Claude Ceillier, MAfr.
Translated by Donald MacLeod, MAfr.

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2017 : The departure of the Missionaries of Africa
(White Fathers)
from Mozambique in 1971

Frank Nolan

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