History Series


2008 : The beginning of the Mission
in southern Uganda an the organization
of the catechumenate

Marinus Rooijackers

There are two documents "word" with photos :
Page 1 : The beginning of the Mission in southern Uganda: 1879-1892
Page 2 Organization of the Catechumenate 1892 - 1914

On this page the other photos which are in the booklet
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The pyre at Namugongo. Painting by F. Luigi, 1913 . Chapel of Our Lady, Villa Maria, 1898 . Church of  Mitala Maria 1905 . Church of  Nandere 1902

. Missionaries of Africa after the annual retreat in 1908 . White Sisters and young women catechists with the girls on the day of their Solemn Communion, Villa Maria, 1919 . Trainee catechists with their Superior, Father Pierre Viel, at Bikira 1912
The Bannabikira in 1910. Fathers Basilio Lumu and Victor Mukasa Womereka  1913 . Ugandan priests with Bishop John Forbes in 1924. Bishop Forbes was Coadjutor to Bishop Streicher from 1917 to 1926.

Bishop Léon Livinhac Vicar Apostolic  from 1883 to 1889 . Bishop Jean Hirth  Vicar Apostolic from 1889 to 1894 . Bishop Antonin Guillermain Vicar Apostolic from 1895 to1896 . Bishop  Henri Streicher Vicar Apostolic from 1897 to 1933

1894 Uganda 1922
Victoria-Nyanza Septentrional

Martyrs de l'Ouganda

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