of the European Province

Germany - Luxembourg

Afrikamissionare Weisse Väter
Ludwigsburger Strasse 21
D-50739 Köln
Tél. : 00 49 221 91 74 87 -0

One European project: Afrika Center :

The team at the Centre comprises two Missionaries with a long experience in Africa, (Ghana and Congo) and a legal advisor with a special legal training in the rights of foreigners. The Centre offers the following services:
ENCOUNTER: Exchange of experiences between Germans and Africans, as well as interviews and information. Groups may meet by appointment and events can take place on the evenings and at weekends.
CONSULTATIONS: Following on a long experience with people in Africa and their situation in Germany, we offer perspectives on life and faith in Africa. Legal consultation also includes problems of residence permits and family extensions and renewals.
INFORMATION - DOCUMENTATION: There is a small library. Information on African countries are collected and are available to those who are interested in them. Training sessions can be organised in parishes, schools or for groups.

The country

Area of Germany: 357,000 km2
Pop: 82 400 996 hab.
Area of Luxembourg: 2,586 km2
Pop. of Luxembourg: 462,700

Principal Towns:
Berlin, Hamburg, Bremen, Cologne, Frankfurt, Leipzig.

Official Languages:
German in Germany,
French in Luxembourg
Currency: Euro
Head of State: Horst Köhler - Angela Merkel

Religions :
31.00 % Catholic,
30.80 % Protestant,
03.90 % Muslim,
01.80 % Other religions

St Boniface

The Province

Provincial: Detlef Bartsch
Founded: 02/06/1897

Total Germans: 165
In the Province: 92
In retirement homes: 8
Semi-retired: 14
Outside Cty.: 12
In Africa: 64
In Europe: 5
In other countries: 3

Average age: 72.2
11 communities including
2 retirement houses:

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Provincial Project:
Afrika-Center, Berlin



Missionnaires d’Afrique
rue Charles Degroux 118
1040 Brussels
Tél. : 00 32 2 738 70 01

European Project, Amani :

The AMANI project, with headquarters in the rue des Noyers, Brussels, a few hundred metres from the Provincial House, is one of 5 missionary projects supported by the Society.

Four confreres are at work there: Karel Stuer, Philippe De Vestele, Damien Watine, Andrew Anab. Karel has taken on the management of a project until December, then he will withdraw. Damien will succeed him. The community has left the house at 114 rue Ch. Degroux (which will become the headquarters of the European Province) and set up home at Boulevard Clovis, one kilometre from the Centre Amani.

The Centre Amani seeks to offer services to the African population resident in Brussels. It is a project that depends on the Vicariate for peoples of foreign origin in the diocese of Malines-Brussels.

The country

Area: 30, 518 km2
Population: 10.584 million

Principal Towns :
Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent, Charleroi, Liège, Brugge, Namur.

Official Languages: Dutch, French, German
Currency : Euro

Head of State: Albert II (Parliamentary Monarchy)

Religion :
96% Catholic
03% Muslim (in general
in main cities)
01% Protestant

St Joseph

The Province

Provincial: Luc Lefief
Founded: 1920

Total Belgians: 257
In the Province: 176
In retirement homes: 64
Outside Cty.: 36
In Africa: 67
In other countries: 14
Non-Belgian in Belgium: 4

Average age: 79.11
Retirement houses:
't Kiel, Hobokenstr, Evere, Munsterbilzen, Liège,

Nuntiuncula, Band,
Provincial Project: AMANI


Misioneros de Africa
c/Menorca 3 bajo
28009 Madrid
Tél. : 00 34 915 740 400

"AFRICANA" Magazine: With "AFRICANA" Magazine, we aim to make the Peoples of Africa known to the general public, their history and their culture, as well as to awaken interest and concern for people who have serious problems of injustices in the world today, especially those that affect Africa.

Welcome and advocacy for immigrants: Normally, we work together with several organisations and institutions operating in Spain (KARIBU, ACOGE, AMIGOS DE ÁFRICA). In addition, the Province has a community in the diocese of Algeria with a dual purpose: religious mentoring for Christian immigrants; welcome and advocacy for immigrants in general, so as to help them integrate into their new surroundings.

Interreligious Dialogue: "DAREK-NYUMBA"
: In the same line as 'Encounter and Dialogue', but at a specific level ; the Province relies on the Centre "DAREK-NYUMBA", founded by Fr. P. E. Galindo, to aim in a special way to promote Islamo-Christian understanding, encounter and dialogue.

"FUNDACIÓN SUR": We work together with "FUNDACIÓN SUR", (currently integrated by the Missionaries of Africa, Manos Unidas and Caritas Spain), an organisation created in the 70s by the Missionaries of Africa under the name of CIDAF (Centre d'Information de Documentation Africaine) [African Information and Documentation Centre], whose aim is to provide a good library for the use of those who wish, and other means of information, especially on Africa, its peoples, its history and culture. The Centre also publishes a news bulletin entitled "AFRICANA-NOTICIAS".

Missionary promotion and "ARTE AFRICANO": The Province continues its traditional vocation and missionary promotion activity in its own way and in working together with other Missionary Institutes and Congregations, coordinated in an organisation entitled SCAM, which works with the Bishops' Commission on Missions and OPM.

The Country

Area: 504,645 km2
Population: 45.116 million

Principal Towns: Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Seville.

Official Language: Spanish
Currency: Euro

Head of State: King Juan Carlos I

Religion :
79.40% Catholics
17.00% No religion
2.30% other religions
1.77% Muslims
0.23% Jehovah Witnesses
0.11% Protestants

St James the Greater

The Province

Provincial: Agustin Artéché
Founded: 17/09/1948

Total Spanish: 88
In the Province : 36
In retirement homes: 7
Outside Cty. : 3
In Africa or elsewhere: 52
Non-Spanish: 2

Average age: 67

Retirement houses:
Benicassim and Barañain.

Provincial Project :
Roquetas del Mar

: 1