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Province de France
5 rue Roger-Verlomme
75003 Paris
Tél. : 00 33 1 42 71 06 70

Confreres' Activities :

Taking attendant measures and coordinating welfare programmes for confreres and communities of senior and invalid Missionaries. Three communities group over 110 senior confreres, but there are also invalid confreres for whom one confrere is in charge to accompany and look after them.

Missionary Press : Voix d'Afrique and Le Lien are intended for maintaining links with confreres' families, benefactors and anyone interested in Mission.

Missionary Promotion

Interreligious Dialogue, notably with followers of Islam. The 'Se Comprendre' review appears ten times a year and seeks to be a bulletin for information and education on knowing more about Muslims' beliefs. Several confreres devote their activities to dialogue via conferences, seminars in Institutes, dioceses, lay groups, students.

Justice & Peace, especially AEFJN, where one confrere takes responsibility for its running at national level for men and women Congregations

Confreres' Ongoing Formation

The country

Area: 543, 965 km2
Population: 64.102 million, including 4.9 million as a result of migration, of which 31% are from the Maghreb and 12% sub-Saharan; there are 830,000 Chinese (17% of migrants)

Principal Towns: Paris, Marseilles, Lyons, Toulouse, Nice, Nantes, Strasbourg.

Official Language: French
Currency: Euro

Head of State:
Nicolas Sarkozy

51% claim to be Catholics
31% claim to be without religion
05% claim to be undefined Christians
04% claim to be Muslims
03% claim to be Protestants
01% claim to be Jewish
01% claim to be belong to another
04 % no response

St Joan of Arc
and Our Lady of the

The Province

Provincial: Louis Vernhet
Founded: 02/06/1897

Total French: 329
In the Province: 222
In retirement homes: 120
Outside Cty.: 32
Africa and elsewhere: 107

Average age: 79.30

12 communities including
3 retirement homes: Bry, Billère, Tassy.

Publications: Voix d'Afrique, Le Lien, Mini-Lien, Se Comprendre, Vigilance Soudan

Provincial Project : Marseilles
- with the Local Church: Pastoral activity towards migrants

Candidates : 1



Great Britain

Province de Grande Bretagne
42 Stormont Rd,
London N6 4NP
Great Britain
Tél. : 00 44 20 8348 7799

Confreres' Activities  :

There are 2 retirement homes: Ealing (London) and Rutherglen (Glasgow).
Confreres' activities in the other houses are as follows:

Oak Lodge: procurement office, local ministry, History Project.
Sutton Coldfield : Publication of the Magazine (, missionary appeals.
Woodville Gardens: guest house and visitors, confreres on home leave.
Stormont Road, Highgate: Provincial House.

The Province has no specific project.

The country

Area: 229 850 km2
Population : 60.2 million

Principal Towns: London, Birmingham, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Glasgow.

Official Language: English
Currency: Pound Sterling

Head of State: Queen Elisabeth II

62.70% Protestants
08.30% Catholics
02.07% Muslims
01.00% Hindus
15.00% no religion


St George,
St Andrew, St David, St Patrick

The Province

Provincial: John Gerrard
Founded: 1912

Total British: 59
In the Province: 43
In retirement homes: 9
Outside Cty.: 15
Non-GB: 7
In Africa: 21
In other countries: 4

Average age: 70.45
2 retirement homes:
Corfton Rd, Ealing (London), Rutherglen (Glasgow).

Publications: White Fathers-White Sisters, The Link


Father Provincial
148 Wainsfort Road
Terenure Dublin 6W
Tél. : 00 353 1 492 5229

Confreres' Activities :

There is only one house in our Province: our house in Dublin, situated in the district of Templelogue, to the east of the city.
It houses the Provincial Office, missionary promotion, senior confreres and students.

The Province invests a lot of its energies in Mission Promotion. It receives missionary students from Africa or elsewhere who come to follow courses in Ireland. The Dublin house is also the residence of senior confreres who are still all involved in some activity, chaplaincy, teaching, retreat-giving and missionary promotion.

The country

Area: 70, 292 km2
Population: 4 million

Principal Towns: Dublin, Cork, Limerick.

Official Languages: Irish and English

Currency: Euro
Head of State: Mary McAleese

90% Catholic
20% Catholic
75% Protestant


St Patrick

The Province

Provincial: Ian Buckmaster
Founded: 1952

Total Irish: 27
In the Province: 8
In retirement homes: 3
Outside Cty.: 2
In Africa: 10
In other countries: 3
Non-Irish: 3

Average age: 77.18
Retirement home: Dublin

Publications : Newsletter