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update 2017-07-12

An african Proverb?

Working together.

"The Missionaries should be especially initiators, but the lasting work must becoming accomplished by the Africans themselves become Christian and apostles.".

Together, we are co-responsible for accomplishing a mission. We do not picture having personal projects. All our commitments are submitted to the community by means of the weekly house council where we draw up and assess all our activities.

Living in community, is to spread the load of our work together and mutually share what we experience.

Communauté au Burundi:- derrière : Waly Neven (belge) et Armand Galay (philippin)devant : Paul Gilardeau (canadien); Patrice Belem (burkinabe); Jacques Dugas (français)

Sharing and Friendship.
According to the Spirit of Jesus, our lifestyle must be simple and in solidarity with Africa, which is suffering and struggling to free itself. Consequently, in community, we limit ourselves to the essentials required to live, work and share.



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