"Taab Yînga"

Earning a living

After some time in the Taab Yinga centre, and after learning some more practical skills in a workshop in town, time has come to take a step forward and being launched into the open world to earn one's living……

Patrice got a donkey and a cart. He had no special skills but is willing to work with his hands. He gets on well today

Boureima ( with his uncle) has decided to go back to his family, and he keeps on learning mechanics at home. The association offered him a bicycle..

This young man, on the right, Inoussa, sells water : he goes to the public " fountain " (a tap) where he gets it cheap. Then he goes around selling the water to the people who need it.

Thierry is now working for himself, even though it is difficult to manage even a small business.

Jacqueline is now employed by the person who taught her the skill

Seydou is now a moped mechanics

Bruno, one among our kids
who wished to be a barber…