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update 2016-02-24

An african Proverb?

    Our Activities
1. Services offered in Africa.
2. Services offered in France. (& Our Houses)
3. Services offered in others Countries.

Sent by the God, the Father,
We "The Missionaries of Africa", We want to reveal his Love,
Deep-rooted in Christ,
In small international and intercontinental communities,
To the heart of the local Churches as brothers or priests
In the dialogue with

other cultures, and all especially with the Africans,
other religions and particularly Islam

    For the promotion of all men and all the man,

    We commit for and with the poor, as initiators
    and agents of unity and reconciliation.
    Engagement for the Justice, the Peace and the safeguard of the Creation.
    We want to be carriers of hope
    On a road of Liberation


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