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update 2017-07-12

An african Proverb?

How you can help us.

How do the Missionaries of Africa live?

On the 193 French Missionaries of Africa, 163 live in France . Some work in the services of the Province.

But the majority reduced its activities because of age or problems of health. Fortunately, many are taken in charge by the welfare departments of the DDASS. .

Our budget balances itself because of our benefactors, to the bequests and to the successions that we can receive without any expenses. (the White Fathers are recognized by the Law of 1901)
The colleagues to the service of dioceses or in the structures of the church of France revert their salary.
The Associations of the Friends of the White Fathers sustain either the Province, either the projects in Africa, by their exhibitions-sales.
These last years, the grants decrease, no in number, but in volume. More and more solicited, the French cannot give as much as they would like.
But we are work of church and also of God . We trust him while working he best we can..

You can help us : See Below or go to this page

Become member of the association of Amis des Pères Blancs of your region. (information in the community the more close to your domicile).Email : fedaapb@wanadoo.fr / Ventes Expos Art Africain

Participate to the life of our communities and the announcement of The gospel in Africa by your grants. Cheques and CCP to the order of:

« SMA »Pères Blancs » 5 rue Roger Verlomme 75003 Paris.

Send your intentions of Mass

Suscribe to Voix d’Afrique.

You can sustain a project in Africa,

Through the intermediary of the White Fathers in sending a cheque to the indicated address higher
to the order: SMA White Fathers" while mentioning the project that you want to sustain

You will receive a fiscal receipt ( You have to ask for) according to the law of the asbl of 1901


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